четверг, 28 апреля 2011 г.

Today In Kharkov Job Fair for pharmacists

Today, 28 April, the National Pharmaceutical University, with the support of the Kharkiv regional employment center arrange the Job Fair for pharmacists. The university will offer vacancies such companies like Pharmacy 911, Pharmacy Groups VC drugstore, Target shopping center, TM Velika Pererva, pharmacy Slavutich, the Group of Companies Apteka-95 , Biolek Inc., Kupyansk Dairy Plant and others. Employers will be able to fill current vacancies. Students will learn about the requirements of employers, the specificity and conditions of work, as well as the possibility of internships in companies obtain temporary or permanent work. In addition, the trends in the labor market will introduce students to the employment center. They are willing to advise on choice of profession and employment. As a result of job fairs, students will talk about the impact of workplace practices and company representatives will assess the level of training of students.

вторник, 22 марта 2011 г.

CPhI Worldwide

25 - 27 October in Messe Frankfurt, Germany for CPhI Worldwide 2011, the world's leading pharmaceutical networking event with 28,500 attendees from 140 countries. Meet face-to-face with potential customers, stay informed about the latest industry trends and remain one step ahead of a constantly changing pharma market. Make sure you are there and ready for business!


понедельник, 21 марта 2011 г.

Counterfeit products

Of the 1.2 billion packs of medicines sold in Ukraine last year, the number of counterfeit products - 2.5 million units. The head of the State Service for Drugs and Drug Supervision Alexei Soloviev reported about it. According to the Head of Civil Service, to solve the problem of counterfeiting is only possible by toughening legislation. As commented Solovyov, all over the world to the problem of counterfeiting of medicines come very strictly. In the U.S., for example, the manufacturer of counterfeit could threaten up to 20 years imprisonment, and even, depending on the scale of production even life imprisonment. In European Union - up to 10 years imprisonment, in China - the punishment up to death.

In Ukraine, he said, the level of responsibility for the falsification or producing of low-quality drugs is limited up to 1500 UAH. The head of the Civil Service stated that the issue of strengthening penalties for unfair "treatment" fellow citizens has remained open. Now Parliament is finalizing a bill that would impose criminal liability for crafts drugs to 8 years imprisonment, as well as increase the penalties to 17 thousand UAH.

вторник, 8 марта 2011 г.

Welcome to Vitafoods Europe! 10-12 May 2011 Geneva

Vitafoods Europe is the most important event in the world to concentrate exclusively on the expanding market for nutraceuticals, functional foods and drinks, ingredients & raw materials.

Vitafoods Europe 2010 was a huge success, hosting over

* 500 international exhibiting companies
* and welcoming over 8,500 buyers looking to conduct serious business.

As well as meeting some of the world's leading suppliers, visitors took advantage of a range of free educational features designed to provide updates on the latest industry developments, including a packed Seminar Theatre and bustling New Products Zone.


пятница, 25 февраля 2011 г.

Dr. Navin - CEO of Rusan Pharma (India) in Ametrin Co Ltd

24 of february Ametrin Co Ltd had a meeting with Rusan Pharma, that are already in Ukrainian market for f long period of time.

During the meeting Ametrin Co Ltd made an excursion to their warehouse, "Granum" - scientific production association.

Two companies solved all important items and discussed different way of cooperation.

четверг, 17 февраля 2011 г.

New player in pharmaceutical market of Ukraine

On January 31-st the first open meeting of UCAB took place. UCAB unites patients living with most socially dangerous diseases in Ukraine: people living with HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis in order to protect their rights aiming the pharmaceutical business and the government.

On January 31-st the first open meeting of UCAB – a specialized board of patients for lobbying their interests in front of pharmaceutical companies – took place. UCAB unites patients living with most socially dangerous diseases in Ukraine: people living with HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis in order to protect their rights aiming the pharmaceutical business and the government. Lives of each UCAB member depend on the quality, access to and effectiveness of treatment they get. That is why UCAB is to become influential part on pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

Patients, representatives of non-governmental organizations, international funds, leading pharmaceutical companies met at the round table “The dialog begins: patients and pharma”. Representatives of the Ministry of Health, Ukrainian AIDS Center, State pharmacological Center were invited to the meeting as well. Unfortunately, governmental officials ignored the invitation as usually.

“When the board of patients, representing powerful NGOs, starts functioning, the government and pharmaceutical business should understand, that the patient becomes an equal part of relations between pharmaceutical industry and the government, – said Dmytro Sherembey, the Head of UCAB. – From now on the market regulation will be more public and transparent, as patients, like no other, have personal interest in the high quality expertise and market development. Because their own lives depend on it.”

300 mln. Hryvna are provided by the State budget in 2011 to overcome HIV/AIDS and TB epidemics in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the majority of these funds are applied ineffectively. “Ukrainian budget provides not more than 0 Hryvna to fight hepatitis next year. And it happens in the country, where the number of people living with chronic hepatitis is more than 270 thousands, according to “The L. Hromashevsky Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases ”, – said Olha Havrylova, the deputy Head of UCAB, the Head of “Stop Hepatitis” NGO. That is why the UCAB priority in its relations with the government is focused on the medical products procurement, namely: price and quality control, as well as the level of funding provided. UCAB goal in its relations with pharmaceutical companies is focused on access to high quality treatment in Ukraine, influencing existing expertise, participation of patients in clinical trials.

“12 Ukrainians die from AIDS and 22 from TB everyday – says Volodymyr Zhovtyak, the Head of Coordination Council of the Network of PLWH. The majority of these people could be alive now thanks to high quality and timely treatment. Our organization has rich experience in the sphere of patients’ rights protection. We initiated UCAB establishment in order to make a patient to be powerful force, whose rights are followed within Ukrainian medical market”.

Similar organization of patients – European Community Advisory Board (ECAB) – exists in Europe for many years already. ECAB is today significantly influencing new drugs registration in European market, controls their availability and pricing. According to Konstantin Lezhentsev, ECAB member since 2003: “It’s due to ECAB Ukraine is included into the “Abbot price reduction strategy” list of countries with. In 2006 during an open meeting between pharmaceutical companies and ECAB members it also became possible to lower the price for Tenofovir for Ukraine through negotiations with production company in London.”

“We hope, that UCAB will become as powerful in Ukrainian medical market, as ECAB is in European – says Wim Vandevelde, ECAB Head. – We managed to make both pharmaceutical companies and governmental bodies start listening to us. And I believe such partnership is possible in Ukraine.”