вторник, 28 декабря 2010 г.

14.2% increase in Ukrainian pharmaceutical market in H1 2010

During the first six months of the year the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market grew by 14.2% in wholesale prices to UAH 10.4bn (€1bn), according to Proxima Research. In terms of volume the market increased by 6.5% to 627 million drug packages. The share of hospital sales as a proportion of the pharmaceutical market in the country was reduced to 12.5%, in comparison with 17.5% in H1 2009, reflecting the cut in public healthcare spending.
Domestic manufacturers increased their market share of hospital business to 42.9% in terms of value and 84.5% in terms of volume. The average price of one packet in hospital purchases increased to UAH 18.7 (€1.7), 8.9% more than during the equivalent period of last year.

четверг, 23 декабря 2010 г.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Dear partners!

Our best wishes for the Merry Christmas and New Year holidays!

May the coming year be the most successful and happiest for You!

May the new year bring you and your loved ones happiness and success, cheerfulness and optimism, good health and high spirits!

We wish lots of fun and joyfulness throughout the new year !
All of us join in offering you our sincere wishes!

Yours sincerely, Ametrin Co Ltd.

суббота, 18 декабря 2010 г.

Next interesting event! Hymn of Group of companies is written in English language.

There exists a simple story
Not in search for any glory
It narrates about our life.
Thorny start but no fears,
It’s been now fifteen years,
We are firm Apteka-95!
When we’re looking back
At the long and winding tack,
Our target seemed so far
Like a distant star…
We are going straight
Cause the purpose is so great,
Our hearts keep love and care
Let’s meet the coming year!
Fifteen years of luck and failure
Our staff won people’s favor,
But the inspiration is alive.
We put souls in our business
Helping to get rid of illness,
We are firm Apteka-95!
When we’re looking back
At the long and winding tack,
Our target seemed so far
Like a distant star…
We are going straight
Cause the purpose is so great,
Anniversary has come,
Let’s celebrate with fun!
We do our work so fain
And we know it’s not in vain
If you’re sick your health should be revived.
Our staff is so united,
If your way is dark – we’ll light it,
We are firm Apteka-95!
When we’re looking back
At the long and winding tack,
Our target seemed so far
Like a distant star…
We are going straight
Cause the purpose is so great,
We take pride in our team,
We’ve come to our dream!
Friendship and respect in souls,
Always ready for new goals,
Fifteen years of work and now we thrive.
For the sake of health and people
We bring good – it is so simple,
We are firm Apteka-95!
When we’re looking back
At the long and winding tack,
Our target seemed so far
Like a distant star…
We are going straight
Cause the purpose is so great,
Our hearts keep love and care
Let’s meet the coming year!

When we’re looking back
At the long and winding tack,
Our target seemed so far
Like a distant star…
We are going straight
Cause the purpose is so great,
Anniversary has come,
Let’s celebrate with fun!

вторник, 14 декабря 2010 г.

Ministry of Public Health: New rules for issuing drug prescriptions to hold over

New rules for issuing drug prescriptions are not being introduced, the press service of the Ministry of Public Health informed.
December 1 - the date from which doctors allegedly would have to prescribe drugs on special forms, was only approximate. Now the document must be modified, approximately by the end of the 1st quarter 2011. Till the date they need to formalize the procedure of receiving recipe forms by doctors.
Prescribe forms, according to the draft order, must be in Latin in two copies. A patient would pick up one copy and other would remain in the pharmacy. Thus, the Ministry of Public Health aims to avoid misuse of drugs prohibited to sell without a prescription.

пятница, 10 декабря 2010 г.

Kiev pharmacies should reduce prices

Head of Kyiv City State Administration Alexander Popov signed a memorandum on cooperation with representatives of 43 pharmacy chains in Kiev, providing a limit of 20% in the preparation margins on popular drugs.
Head of the KCSA Health Department Larisa Moiseenko informed the media, that it is a voluntary agreement with drugstore chains for reducing margins on drugs approximately 30% to 20%. The question of punishment for violating the terms of the memorandum was not discussed.

In Kiev clinics are to be separated from hospitals, and adult and children’s clinics will be consolidated

In Kiev in 2011 clinics will be separate from hospitals as part of reforming the capital healthcare industry. That was stated by Head of Health Department of KCSA Raisa Moiseenko at the board meeting on health issues in Kiev, according to RBC-Ukraine.
"Adults and pediatric polyclinics have to be consolidated in one unit. We have to separate the first level of healthcare from the second - that is, district pediatricians, district practitioners, family physicians should be allocated to the center of primary health care as a legal person, without any physical movement", - R. Moiseenko said.
The second stage of reforms stipulates concession of the separate legal entity status to existing and newly created diagnostic centers. "This is a task we must perform in accordance with the directions of the reform, developed by the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Public Health", - the Head of City Health Department stressed. According to her, Kiev today is closer than other cities of Ukraine to implement this step.
In addition, P. Moiseenko convinced of the need to start training of family doctors, since "one can not simply outweigh the plate" to doctors' offices. "Good doctor will not do from bad pediatrician or internist ", - said R. Moiseenko.

среда, 8 декабря 2010 г.

STADA pharmaceutical increased sales in Ukraine by 27% for 9 months

German pharmaceutical concern STADA AG reported that in January-September this year it increased its sales to distributors in Ukraine by 27% to 15.7 million euros.
Referring to the system of research Pharmstandard, the Group reported that its volume of retail sales (in retail networks) to Ukraine for 9 months increased by 44% and amounted to 19.03 million euros. According to the director of the Ukrainian representative STADA Stanislav Dyachenko, the growth of sales influenced by marketing strategy is weighted and balanced product portfolio.
Holding company includes three areas: STADA PharmDevelopment - development of medicines, STADA Marketing, STADA Ukraine, STADA Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) - marketing and sales.
To date, the combined product portfolio of STADA CIS includes more than 100 kinds of drugs of different ATC classes and registration forms.

понедельник, 6 декабря 2010 г.

6th Digital Pharma & Life Sciences Conference 2011

22 February 2011, Wiesbaden, Germany.

For the sixth time Microsoft and its partners will be holding the Digital Pharma & Life Sciences conference. The lecture event and exhibition is aimed at the pharmaceutical, chemical and life sciences industries, showing current projects and innovative technologies that support greater sustainability, cost efficiency and competitiveness in and through IT.
IT has become a critical competitive factor as an instrument for sustainable climate and environmental protection. The framework is set by international initiatives by industries and governments: for example more than 500 investors request global listed companies to report their CO2 relevant business data through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) from the UK. Global initiatives for Green Chemistry such as the conventions from Stockholm, Rotterdam and Basel, the OECD and the regulatory authorities of developed countries are working to create global standards for sustainable risk and chemicals management.
For this reason, the Digital Pharma & Life Sciences conference 2011 is focussing on the topics "Green IT – Green Chemistry". With the focus on "Green in IT", experts will discuss latest developments of Green IT technologies on the basis of recent successful projects in order to make processes more efficient, save resources and energy and thereby reduce costs. These include concepts for IT virtualization in controlling chemical production or cloud computing for pharmaceutical research.
The "Green through IT" presentations will show pioneering Green Chemistry projects that ensure sustainability in production, research and development and overall global supply chains. Leading companies from the chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries demonstrate how they coordinate production and logistics processes better through intelligent technologies, plan forward-looking and therefore design initiatives for more economically measurable sustainability.
The conference takes place on 22nd February 2011 in the Kurhaus Wiesbaden and is aimed at decision makers and experts from the fields of IT and business management, research and development, business development management, product management, production, quality management, sales and controlling.
During the accompanying exhibition, the partners of the Digital Pharma & Life Sciences initiative will show latest IT technologies and reference projects. On the eve of the conference on 21st February 2011, an exclusive dinner will take place with all the speakers, conference participants and partners of the initiative.
Further information for registration, the agenda and logistic details are available at: http://www.digitalpharma.de

четверг, 2 декабря 2010 г.

Ametrin Co Ltd received guests

On 30 of November Ametrin Co Ltd received guests from Latvia.
Larifans (Riga, Latvia) company takes a leading position in production of interferon inductors in the Baltic countries.

During the meeting were conformed the main items of cooperation and soon we will see the products in Ukrainian Pharmaceutical market.

понедельник, 29 ноября 2010 г.

Ametrin Co Ltd meets Mithra Company

In November 23 our company met representatives of company Mithra in Kiev, that wants to enter the Ukrainian market.
The company manufactures products exclusively for women's health:
- Contraception / procreation
- Menopause Osteoporosis
- Uterine-vaginal area
- Women cancer

The company was founded in May 1999, today its staff numbers about 35 people (also 50 researchers from universities, working on projects of Mithra)
In the price list more than 45 positions (17 of them for export).

So we believe that soon the products of Mithra will appear in Ukrainian Pharmaceutical market and will make contribution in caring of woman’s health.

Missinformation of Manufacturer

Pharmaceutical companies will be able to conduct scientific and practical conference only after agreement with the Ministry of Health
Provision of First Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine
AMC: advertising Immunalu ACC and misinformed citizens
Reportedly, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMC) has fined 50 thousand hryvnas Company «Sandoz Pharmaceuticals dd» (Slovenia) for the dissemination of false advertising product KlarytroSandoz XL.
Investigations into the AMC staff found that the distributed information entered public astray. Thus, in an advertising leaflet KlarytroSandoz XL concerned that this drug has only a membership of macrolide antibiotic-clarithromycin. However, this active substance is a component of 62 drugs registered in Ukraine.
In addition, AMC pharmaceutical company ordered to cease dissemination of incomplete and inaccurate information in advertising of drugs KlarytroSandoz, Persen, and Immunal ACC.
Yes, KlarytroSandoz advertised as a drug with the most balanced spectrum antibacterial action, lack of interaction with food, quick and so anti-effect. However, this is actually the antibiotic clarithromycin, which is also part of other drugs.
Preparations Persen and Immunal company positioned in advertisements as safe for use in adults and children, although a number of drugs contain warnings and cause side effects. For example, Persen in the form of capsules is contraindicated in children under 12 years, and in tablet form - children aged 3 to 12 can take only under medical supervision. Immunal in tablet form is prohibited to employ children under 4 years, and in the drop - in children under 6 years.
In advertising product ACC sounded statement: "For a quick treat cough in adults and children." In fact, the drug and mucolytic tool used to facilitate the liquefaction of sputum.
Company «Sandoz Pharmaceuticals dd» with the conclusions of the AMC is committed to stop the spread of such advertising and pay fines to the State budget. By the end of 2010 the company has removed the remains of promotional products

понедельник, 15 ноября 2010 г.

11-th of November has been started a week of Iranian culture in Kiev.

For this event in the Ukrainian House has been opened an exhibition of Iranian art. There are the products of silver, leather, precious stones, and, of course, the Persian carpets (handwork). On the eastern souvenirs beside watching you may also learn how to create them yourself. All these Days Iranian masters conduct master classes for the production of various handicrafts, and even learn to weave carpets. In addition, you can also try Iranian delicacies and enjoy the Oriental theater performances.

Akbar Ghasemi-Aliabadi, Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in Ukraine said:

- A new stage of development of our relationship has been begun. These few days we introduce the Ukrainians with the Iranian culture and art. Hopefully in the near future, we plan to be held a week of culture of Ukraine in Iran.

пятница, 12 ноября 2010 г.

The project of strengthen state control

Committee on Public Health recommends the Parliament to adopts as a Basis the Low that amendments to some legislative acts in the health sector (to enhance the control of trafficking drugs, foods for special dietary intake, special foods and dietary supplements)
The project of Low № 7007, in particular, provides the prohibition of advertising of medicines and realisetion medicines without a doctor`s prescription. Committee thinks, these measures will reduce the number of self-medication cases.
Beside this, this document introduce providing state compulsory quality control of drugs imported to Ukraine;obligatory verification the conditions of production, storage and sale of medicines before issuing licenses for such activities, strengthening the control of the accuracy of advertising of medical products and food products for special dietary intake, special foods and dietary supplements, ensuring adequate access of persons with disabilities to pharmacies.
As stated during the committee meeting, adoption of this Low will strengthen state control over the quality produced in Ukraine and imported drugs, and improve the quality of pharmaceutical care population.

Goodwill retirees

Russian scientist Vladimir Skulachev found a new way to keep the human body in great shape, even in retirement. Professor affirm that he discovered an antioxidant, which stops the progressive - due to aging - the deterioration of human health.
As scientist said, the oxygen in the body in 99% of cases turns into harmless water and the remaining 1% - is superoxide, which leads to very toxic substances. To secure against this poison, it was necessary to find an antioxidant that stops the process and, consequently, the very aging. For searching it the scientist has spent more than 40 years. Greatest difficulty was to discover it and block the possible side effects.

среда, 3 ноября 2010 г.

Ametrin Co Ltd

I would like to represent the Heart of the whole Group of Companies Apteka-95 The Wholesale Department of Final Medicines Ametrin Co Ltd.

What do you know about AMETRIN? What does it meen?

I will tell you - It is light violet precious stone. People believe that Ametrin stone can protect them from illness and provide peace and balance in their life.
So our company Ametrin Co. Ltd., protects people from diseases providing with high-quality medicines, food supplements and medical use products as well.
Ametrin Co. Ltd. deals with pharmaceutical plants, foreign manufacturers, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations. We cooperate with more than 250 leading companies worldwide (Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, India, Korea, Russia, etc.).
We can offer them not only wholesale services but also assistance in registration and promotion of their products in Ukraine.